welcome to our creative work & playground

REMPART44 is a place where local creatives work, exhibit and connect.

As of October 2021 two creative studios have been working side by side in our lovely office space. 

From time to time we have the pleasure of featuring a window guests. 

We’ll give a little introduction below, however you’re always welcome to hop in — we love a good chat!

studio basil.

Ann-Sophie and her sister have a passion for all things graphic, particularly in the hospitality and retail industry. Their studio makes work feel like a party and their coworkers Daneel, Evelyn and Jasmin all bring their own moves. Together they tailor honest, yet playful designs that tell each client's story.

From the perfect baseline to some crazy illustrations, packaging or the rebranding of a magazine, it's in their nature to tackle every project with lots of love and excitement.


Nicole Brock creates classy designs, but always with a twist. She likes to work with traditional materials and craftsmanship but with a contemporary spin that results in timeless and dynamic ensembles.

Whether it’s a piece of custom furniture, or a full interior project, her work is well considered and locally crafted.

VAS-Y by Bieke Buckinx

Hallo! Bienvenue! Be our Guest!

We love to share our playground with other creatives. Would you like to showcase your work in our window display?* Have a little vernissage / opening weekend? Or maybe use our meeting room to discuss important matters?**

Rempart44 is located in the heart of Brussels, just opposite Barbeton and its amazing terrace. Lots of exposure, plenty of good vibes.

Excited? Full of ideas? Let's talk! 
Send us an email at hello(@) 

*minimum for one month / **only for the weekend

Margot Van Den Berghe

In May '22 we welcome Margot Van Den Berghe.
She's a Belgian textile artist who is also a resident at Pilar.

Her work is a continual process of becoming. Walking on the thin frontier of art and design. She refuses to chose neither the one nor the other. Various worthless materials are transformed into valuable works in an almost alchemical way. Where others see waste, she sees the beauty of the repurposed.


During the month of March '22 we had the pleasure to host the work of Paul Burckhardt.


Bieke Buckinx

In December '21 Brussels painter Bieke Buckinx presented her new work 'VAS-Y' at Rempart 44. 

Her paintings are contemporary and figurative and bring about a certain irony or humor, aiming to emphasize the less serious side of life.

Nicole Brock

Most furniture at Rempart44 has been designed by BRCK. When we have no guests, her work brights up the space. 

Be our guest!

Textile designer? Sculpturer? Painter? Musician wanting to release a new album?  The options are endless. Let's become neighbours!

Let's take you back in time

Rempart44 used to be an average apartment building with 3 stories and a garage that later became a sandwich bar.

Before Nicole worked her magic to transform the space into Rempart44, 'La sandwicherie' had seen some epic parties over the years—if only the walls could talk!


Before looking at the future